Success histories

Industrialization and production of electric systems

Document available for download


Electric and electronic control system for a self-propelled photovoltaic panels cleaning vehicle

OEM designed and developed an electric and electronic control system for a self-propelled photovoltaic panel cleaning vehicle 

Document available for download


Main harness for an agricultural tractor

OEM has developed, in co-design with its customer, the whole electric system for an agricultural tractor; here a description of the main harness, made up of more then 700 wires

Document available for download


SVK - general purpose electronic control unit

OEM has completely designed and developed a general purpose Electronic Control Unit for application on agricultural, earth moving and gardening vehicles.

Document available for download


Harnesses with plastic overmolding

OEM has designed a series of wire harnesses aimed at the distribution of the electric power within a complex control system for an industrial process. The harnesses feature an overmolded plastic body to ease their installation on-site.