Automotive electric systems

Design, development and manufacturing

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OEMhas a whole division of its business dedicated to the design, development and production of electric systems and wire harnesses for industrial vehicles. Using state-of-the-art technologies and components, as well as making use of the best partners for the procurement of specialized devices, the division is capable of designing and developing the whole electric system

Product design, development and industrialization Production of small to big batches Automated processes management

Our Technologies

CAD system

for harnesses design and industrialization

Automatic equipment

for wire cutting and crimping

Manual equipment

for terminal crimping

Cutting machines

for sheats and corrugated tubes

Wire marking equipment

using ink –jet technology

Cutting and stripping machines

for multicore cables

Twisting machines

for electric wires


using ultra-sonic technology


for terminals micro-inspection

Test benches

for final product checking

Harnesses prototyping


Automatic warehousing system

for components